Add At Least 10” To Your Vertical Jump – Guaranteed! What Are They Trying To Sell Us – Some Kind Of Miracle? Come On, How Daft Do These Guys Think We Are…?
Have you ever despaired when you watch those pros get an unbelievable amount of height on their jumps? Shaken your head in disbelief as they leap like gazelles to slam dunk in a way you can only dream of?jump manual Jump Manual Review   Is Jacob Hillers Program Good?

Well, when Jacob W. Hiller offers to show you how to add a minimum of 10” to your jump – guaranteed – then this was something we just knew we had to investigate. After all, this had to be some sleazy kind of sales pitch, surely?

Cue an in-depth look at Jump Manual – the product that’s got the basketball world abuzz. Read on to find out exactly what we found. The results may well surprise you…or go to the official site here.

What do you get for your money?

Jump Manual is all about learning and following the correct principles that will allow you to hone your body and muscles into the best shape possible to gain as much air as is physically possible.

Jacob is quick to explain that the biggest results tend to come when you least expect them – but that if you follow the correct principles then results will occur.

The program is provided to you in the following, “all in one vertical jump training” format:

  • Complete Workout Chart – These get you started quickly, showing you exactly what to do and the principles to follow to get maximum effectiveness from your workouts.
  • Complete Training Video Library – Here you learn how to exactly carry out every exercise and stretch.
  • Exact Nutrition Plan – Learn the exact nutrition necessary to have your body in full muscle building mode, how to lessen the chance of injury and to increase gains.
  • One on One Training – Provided via email to ensure that all your individual questions and needs are covered.
  • Weight Room Alternatives – For those who don’t have access to weights, either at all or at certain times during your training.

And Much Much More… – including interviews from NBA coaches and other professionals, a training forum, a training vocabulary, form enhancements….. The list goes on.

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Who is it for?

Jump Manual is undoubtedly targeted shamelessly at basketball players. But there’s a whole plethora of other athletes who can benefit from Jacob’s expertise. These include volleyball players and those who enjoy a variety of other sports. And it doesn’t matter what your age – because as long as you’re in good shape then you can follow the Jump Manual Training.

From kids just starting out to those who already have a 40” vertical leap, Jump Manual can help you improve your training techniques and the size of your vertical jump. Even if you can barely touch the rim right now, follow the Jump Manual program and you’ll be slam dunking before you know it.

Who is Jacob W. Hiller?

Jacob Hillier Jump Manual Review   Is Jacob Hillers Program Good?Jacob is not a marketer. Jacob is not some sleazy guy who’s jumped on the bandwagon to try and part you from your hard earned dollars. No – far from it! Jacob is a certified personal trainer, performance enhancement coach and a full time vertical jump and quickness trainer who’s been involved with vertical jump training for over a decade.

He’s worked with (and continues to do so) basketball players ranging from Olympians and professional dunkers, to NBA and professional players as well as high school and college athletes. All in all, this guy certainly knows what he’s talking about.

The Pros

  • Jump Manual is written by a professional but at a level that even amateurs can take advantage. From Olympiads to the complete rookie, this is a training program that can see you making leaps and bounds that you never believed was possible.
  • The Jump Manual program is a complete training regime. Nothing is left out – from nutrition to training, individual questions and a detailed workout program – nothing is left for you to guess at.
  • Because the program targets every aspect of the vertical explosion, you have the very best chance possible of increasing your leap by a very real amount. And that includes those who’re already leaping up to 40” right now.
  • By providing you not only with the correct aspects of your physical training, but also the nutritional aspects you reduce the chance of injury as low as is physically possible.
  • Jump Manual is suitable for every age, creed, color, race or background imaginable.
  • The program comes with a 60 day, no quibble, 100% money back guarantee meaning that you can literally try it with no fear or risk to your money whatsoever.

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The Cons

  • Okay, so major vertical leap improvements don’t happen without putting in serious work. So you are going to have to put in a good amount of effort to get the results you crave. But hey – who ever said that anything worthwhile came easy?
  • Once you do begin to see major improvements in your vertical leaps then there’s sure to be a whole bunch of people wanting to know your secret! Whether you tell them or not is a different matter….

The Bottom Line

Jump Manual! Well, we were thinking that we’d have a few bad words to say about it, but in all honestly we can report back to say this is probably one of the most complete vertical jump training programs we’ve ever seen. There are nine different approaches to the ultimate vertical jump training, and Jump Manual covers them all. This is in complete contrast to most other competitor training programs on the market, that typically cover only two, three or four.

So, for anyone who’s serious about improving their vertical leap – whatever their sport – and is prepared to put the work in, then we give Jump Manual a great big thumbs up. Well done Jacob W. Hiller…

GetInstantAccessRed Jump Manual Review   Is Jacob Hillers Program Good?

I reviewed all kinds of programs to help you Jump Higher and this is
the best one —> The Jump Manual


To improve vertical jumping, you have to increase your core muscle strength. You want to get as much height possible when when attempting a high jump, trying to dunk a ball in a basket, or simply want to be able to jump higher than anyone else you know. To do this, you need to strengthen certain muscles that help you get height when you jump.

There are several schools of thought on how to improve vertical jumping, 246506082 aa42f61cc6 m Improve Vertical Jumping with the Right Exerciseswhich can actually make it difficult for someone to improve vertical jumping successfully. Fortunately, many of the techniques that you will find online will work for you in terms of getting your vertical jump as high as possible. As long as the process is about increasing the strength in your legs, feet, stomach and your back, then your program will be a success.

One way to improve vertical jumping is by doing squats. You can choose to do squats without any equipment (no weights, no rack), or you can use a rack or, if you don’t have access to one, use weights held in place on our shoulders by your hands. Doing squats will improve vertical jumping, and as the name applies, is done by moving into a squatting position and then standing again. When you use a rack or weights then you are incorporating resistance into your exercise that can strengthen your core even further, allowing your to further improve vertical jumping skills.

In addition to squats, you will want to include elevated jumps into your routine to improve vertical jumping. Elevated jumps requires the use of an aerobic step, preferably one that can be increased in height so that you can challenge yourself further as you grow stronger. Elevated jumps help improve vertical jumping because not only does it each you how to jump, but it is strengthening those very muscles you need to get more height.

When performing an elevated jump, you start on the aerobic step and then jump backwards. Immediately when you touch the ground spring back up and jump back onto the step. To improve vertical jumping you should perform this movement as many times as possible, but for beginners, start with 10 and increase from there. Remember, even though you want to improve vertical jumping, if you set the step too high, you may end up hurting yourself.

While these are only a couple of exercises that help improve vertical jumping, they are a great start for your vertical jumping training.

I reviewed all kinds of programs to help you Jump Higher and this is
the best one —> The Jump Manual


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